Life at Adaric

Adaric is committed to becoming the world's leading provider of interactive music tech service - software service, mobile application development, and the development of innovative independent casual games. With 7 granted patents, 30+ intellectual property rights & trademarks, and 200 million+ users worldwide, we’ve always been innovative and making progress towards our vision - make music at fingertips.

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Global Focus

Our products are changing the worldwide music tech industry. You’ll work with people from different countries on ideas that have no borders.

Music is Our Driving

Our team is built on brilliance, respect, and diversity, boasting professionals in entertainment, music and technologies. Here, we collaborate as a team and unite as a family.

Open positions

Mobile Game Product Manager

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Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the R&D and follow-up operations of casual mobile games;

2. Communicate with the development team efficiently to ensure the completion and quality of the project, independently develop the test & release plan during the development period, as well as be responsible for daily data monitoring, early warning, and data analysis after the release;

3. Responsible for product management, product commercialization strategy, product version management, data analysis, project version optimization, and operational activity plans during the whole project life cycle;

4. Optimize game data, evaluate the product state before the open beta and release, propose specific product optimization plans, and produce optimal product data during the test;

5. Collect user feedback, analyze user behavior and consumption habits, and propose advice to improve the product from the perspective of product operation;

6. Responsible for oriented activities and function analysis, give suggestions on the development of activities and functions according to historical data; analyze and summarize the performance of the product after the release, and raise reasonable suggestions for improvement and optimization;

7. Pay attention to the industry and market, conduct competitor analysis, including product analysis, channel analysis and operation strategy analysis, and regularly formulate optimization plans;

8. Assist the department leader to complete other tasks.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree or above, experience in at least one successful product;

2. Familiar with the use and scenarios of game indicators, with strong data analysis capabilities;

3. Have a good understanding in the psychology, behavior and habits of casual game players;

4. Have excellent learning ability, be able to take over the work quickly and keep self-improving as required by the work;

5. Experience in overseas casual games is preferred.

Game Development Engineer(cocos2d-x)

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Job Responsibilities:

1. Develop mobile games based on cocos2dx engine;

2. Independently develop high-quality game functions according to the needs and plans of game design;

3. Upgrade game versions fast according to the upgrade plans;

Job Requirements:

1. Computer and other related majors, with a solid foundation in software development;

2. With at least one-year experience in Cocos2d-x mobile game development, be familiar with the development tools such as Cocos Creator, Xcode, Android Studio and so on;

3. Proficient in C++ and other development languages, with experience in SDK access;

4. Game lover, with experience in a complete mobile game project and online works display;

Game art designer

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Job Responsibilities:

1. Progress and quality control to ensure the project art work move ahead smoothly ;

2. Formulation and control of the overall art style of the game;

3. Responsible for the art design of 2D casual games;

Job Requirements:

1. Junior college degree or above;

2. More than 3 years of art experience in the mobile game industry, and participated in the development of a complete game project;

3. Familiar with the art design specifications and processes of 2D games, including UI, concept art, and so on;

4. Have good communication and coordination skills and execution capabilities, and be able to coordinate with the game designer and engineer during the project development;

Ads Monetization Manager

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Job Responsibilities:

1. Keep optimizing product forms and monetization strategies, improve monetization efficiency based on the company's product monetization needs, and systematically analyze the platform commercialization and traffic monetization models from a strategic perspective;

2. Comprehensive and in-depth insight of the needs of game ads and the characteristics of traffic, and design innovating advertising products and strategies that meet the actual needs;

3. Tap the value of data, continuously improve the monetization efficiency of the product flow, and conduct effective data analysis;

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree or above, experience in the advertising monetization of overseas games is preferred;

2. Familiar with the operation of major overseas game platforms, including PC mini-game platforms & iOS/Android mobile game platforms, have a deep understanding of game advertising concepts and methods;

3. Familiar with commercialization models of overseas games, traffic monetization and business monetization, and experienced in the field of internet commercialization;

4. Good data analysis, communication, and cross-departmental collaboration capabilities.